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The Race Committee boat flies the pennants below to indicate which course each class should use. For example, the Race Committee boat may fly the pennants D E F G H J K , 2, and 7 to indicate that Class D Class E Class F Class G Class H Class J Class K should use course 27. Practice reading these pennants by taking the start-of-race quiz.

Class Pennants
Course Pennants
class pennants course pennants

The race committee boat may also fly a number of additional pennants to indicate certain events or changes to the rules. Some of the more common pennants are shown in the table below:

individual recall pennant   individual recall one or more boats crossed the start line early; get in touch with the Race Committee and find out which boats have been recalled – those boats must go back and cross the start line again
general recall pennant   general recall multiple boats crossed the start line early – the entire class will start again; the warning signal for the class is given one minute after the general recall flag is lowered
postponement pennant 2 postponement races are postponed; if races resume, the first warning signal is given 1 minute after the postponement flag is lowered
abandonment pennant 3 abandonment races are abandoned
no more racing pennant   no more racing usually flown in conjunction with the postponement or abandonment flag
round-an-end pennant   round‑an‑end rule a boat over the line during the minute before the start must sail to the pre-start side of the line around either end before starting
missing mark pennant   missing mark boat or an object displaying this flag replaces a missing mark
preparatory pennant 1 preparatory flown as part of normal start sequence: flag is raised 1 minute after the class warning signal, and lowered 1 minute before the class start signal

For additional information, see the start-of-race sequence of signals, the first few pages of the Racing Rules of Sailing, and the list of all pennants.