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Marks & Courses

Marks (Waypoints)

Races in the Friday Night Series are sailed around marks in the south bay waters of San Francisco Bay. For 2016, there are 11 marks and a total of 20 numbered courses around the marks. Each class generally races on a different course. See the start-of-race sequence to find out how the Race Committee announces which course each class should use.

The map below shows the SBYC race area and the approximate mark locations. The marks are shown in the photos below the map.

Start Line
Race Committee Boat SC1
Race Committee Boat 'Anabel' SC1 buoy
Weather Marks
AS1 Finish
AS1 mark F mark
Leeward and Reaching Marks
33 mark
NAS1 mark NAS2 mark
34 mark

The table below lists the mark locations.

Additional formats for mark data:

  • SBYC-marks.kml (Keyhole Markup Language format for Google Earth and Google Maps)

Note that you can also edit the Google spreadsheet above and export the data in various formats, like pdf and Microsoft Excel.

For chart information from the NOAA, see Chart 18650 and the corresponding chart image.

Courses (Routes)

The table below lists the SBYC courses for 2016.

Course notes:

  • Permanent marks (buoys) are rounded to port.
  • Temporary marks are rounded either to port or starboard. At the warning signal, a flag will be displayed to indicate the mark rounding direction:
    • If a red flag is displayed, temporary marks are rounded to port.
    • If a green flag is displayed, temporary marks are rounded to starboard.
  • Gates G and NAS1/NAS2 can be rounded either to port (left gate) or starboard (right gate).
  • If G is not in place and there is only one leeward mark, the leeward mark shall be rounded in the same direction as the previous mark.
  • The reaching mark R will be set up-current of the weather mark W.

Additional formats for course data:

GPS notes:

  • In GPS parlance, marks are called "waypoints," and courses are called "routes."
  • To manipulate GPX files and upload/download data to a GPS unit, you can use a free program called EasyGPS.
  • If you would like to play with the GPS units, here are the owner's manuals: Garmin GPS 12XL Owner's Manual (pdf); Garmin GPS 76 Owner's Manual (pdf).