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Crew Assignments

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Andy (Overview)
Carl (Overview)
Duke (Overview)
John (Overview)
Kirk (Overview)
Lynne (Overview)
Nancie (Overview)
Nat (Overview)
Robin (Overview)
Rod (Overview)
Ted (Overview)
Total crew: 11
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    Position Crew1 Crew2 Crew3  
    Captain Rod      
    Pit Boss Andy      
    Deck Boss Robin      
    Foredeck Boss Ted      
    Driver Rod     Details
    Mainsheet John     Details
    Grinder 1 Andy     Details
    Grinder 2 Duke     Details
    – Tacks          
    Working Jib Sheet Puller Carl     Details
    Lazy Jib Sheet Puller Nat     Details
    Clew Walker + Skirts Robin     Details
    – Hoists & Jibes          
    Halyards & Sails Handler Ted     Details
    Spinnaker Pole Nat     Details
    Mast Ted     Details
    Console Nancie     Details
    Halyard Jumper Carl     Details
    Halyard Tailer Robin     Details
    Halyard Grinder Kirk     Details
    Afterguy Tailer John     Details
    Cowboy Kirk     Details
    Boom Pusher Lynne     Details
    Boom Vang Duke     Details
    Outhaul Kirk Nat   Details
    Pulpit (on jibes) Robin     Details
    – Douses          
    Spinnaker Halyard Release Robin     Details
    Spinnaker Grabber 1 Nat     Details
    Spinnaker Grabbers 2-4       Details
    – Start          
    Start Timer Robin     Details
    Pulpit (on start) Ted     Details
    Radio (handheld) Kirk     Details
    Radio (below) Nancie     Details
    – General          
    Below Deck Nancie     Details
    Spinnaker Pack Assist Nat     Details
    Heel Director Duke     Details
    Navigators Carl Lynne   Details
    Boat Spotters Kirk     Details
    *If you do not have a specific assignment in the table above, please help out with the jobs listed under “AO” (all others).

    Position Crew1 Crew2 Crew3
    Afterguy Tailer      
    Below Deck      
    Boat Spotters      
    Boom Pusher      
    Boom Vang      
    Clew Walker + Skirts      
    Deck Boss      
    Foredeck Boss      
    Grinder 1      
    Grinder 2      
    Halyard Grinder      
    Halyard Jumper      
    Halyard Release      
    Halyard Tailer      
    Halyards & Sails Handler      
    Heel Director      
    Lazy Jib Sheet Puller      
    Outhaul Flattener      
    Pit Boss      
    Pulpit (on jibes)      
    Pulpit (on start)      
    Radio (handheld)      
    Radio (below)      
    Spinnaker Grabber 1      
    Spinnaker Grabbers 2-4      
    Spinnaker Pack Assist      
    Spinnaker Pole      
    Start Timer      
    Working Jib Sheet Puller      

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